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What is Pebble Time?
How it works

Pebble Settings
Battery Life

​What is Pebble Time?

Pebble Time is a customizable watch that conveniently and subtly delivers the information that you want directly to your wrist. It connects to your iOS or Android smartphone via low energy Bluetooth and has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 7 days per charge for Pebble Time or up to 10 days for Pebble Time Steel.

For more information about what Pebble Time can do, please continue to the Features section below.

Pebble Time is available in three colors: black with a gunmetal bezel, white with a silver bezel, and red with a gunmetal bezel.

Pebble Time Steel is available in a gunmetal, stainless steel, or gold finish.

Pebble Time is everything we loved about Pebble Classic, with a little extra.

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​​How it Works

Pebble Time connects by Bluetooth LE (4.0) to your iPhone or Android device.
Setting up Pebble is as easy as downloading the Pebble app onto your phone. All software updates are wirelessly transmitted to your Pebble Time so that you stay current with the latest Pebble has to offer.

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Pebble Time will work with iPhones or other iOS devices running iOS 8 & up, as well as Android devices running OS 4.3 & up.

We do not have an official app for Blackberry, Windows Phone, or Palm phone.

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The Main Menu is where you can scroll through to select which app you would like to use or setting you would like to manage.

Pebble Time has four buttons.
The left button is called the 'Back' button, which is initially used to Power on your watch (press and hold it for 3 - 5 seconds), and subsequently used for returning to the previous screen or entering your watchface app from the main menu.
On the right side, the top and bottom ('Up' and 'Down') buttons generally are used for scrolling through lists. With the new timeline interface, they can be used to scroll through the past and future, respectively. The center button is used to 'Select' an item in a list or start an app on Pebble. It can also be used to get to the main menu from a watchface.

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Pebble Settings

In Pebble Time's main menu, the Settings icon will let you know at a glance what your battery life percentage is (bottom left) and whether your smartwatch is paired to your smartphone (bottom right). Within the settings you will be able to customize the display of your Pebble Time.

To access the options below from your Settings menu, press Select. You will taken to the Bluetooth option first. If you'd like to access the other options, simply click the title "Bluetooth" and it will reveal the dropdown menu with the rest of the headings below.


To make Pebble discoverable to your smartphone, the Bluetooth must be "Discoverable" in your settings. To disable Bluetooth, press Select while the Bluetooth icon and "Connection: Now Discoverable" is highlighted. When “Airplane Mode” is on, you will not be able to receive notifications and time will not be synced.
In this menu, you will also be able to see your watch's Bluetooth code when 'Connection' is highlighted, and see a list of devices that have been paired with your smartwatch.

From the Notifications menu, you will be able to enter a Do Not Disturb mode, disable Pebble Time's vibration, and clear the history of notifications you've received.

If you have chosen to add a watchapp to your Pebble Time that runs in the background to help track your fitness, it will be displayed here.

Quick Launch
QuickLaunch is a feature designed to help you get into your favorite watchapps quicker. You can assign two watchapps for QuickLaunch: one that will launch when you long-press the up button and the other for a long-press on the down button.

Date & Time

While your Pebble is not connected to a smartphone, you can manually update the date and time on your Pebble. You can also select your Timezone and whether you'd prefer your watchfaces to display the time in a 24 hour or 12 hour clock format.

From the Display screen, you can control how and when the backlight for your Pebble is triggered.

Though we will not have translated support available at launch, you will be able to change your Pebble Time menu display into other languages after a future firmware update. 


The About screen contains Pebble hardware and software version information. 

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Timeline is a whole new way to interact with your smartwatch. With the press of a button you can get the information you care about at a glance.
While your watchface is displayed, you will be to view summarized appointments and events from the past (Up button), as well as the present and future (Down button). For more information about Pebble's timeline, please click here.

One of the best features about Pebble Time is the ability to choose a watchface that works best for you. Whether you prefer analog or digital, plain or colorful, simply the time or as much information that you can get in a glance, our Pebble appstore has something to suit your style. You'll be able to 
select apps and watchfaces right from your Pebble.
Plus, no more 8-app limit! Pebble Time will store dozens of watchfaces and apps on the watch itself.

Music Control
Select the Music controller from main menu to control music playing on your smartphone. Currently, Pebble can control the default music app and Google music on Android, and Pandora, Spotify and any other music app that implements default music controls on iOS.

Once inside the app, if you press the Select button while the ellipsis icon is showing, the ability to skip tracks using the up and down buttons will change to volume control. The volume control with time out after about 3 seconds of non-use, so track navigation is the default action.

Phone Calls
Pebble vibrates when you receive an incoming call and displays number if you have caller-ID. If the caller is in your address book, Pebble will display the name instead.

On iOS, you can accept (Up button), reject (Down button), or dismiss the notification (Back button).
On Android, you can reject the call (Down button) or dismiss the notification (Back button).
Pebble does not have a speaker, so the call will be accepted on the handset, Bluetooth headset or car kit.

Actionable Message Notifications
Receive SMS, iMessage, email, and compatible social media messages right to your wrist. If the content of the message is more than can be displayed at once on the Pebble screen, you can scroll through the message using the Up and Down buttons.

If multiple messages come in short succession, they will be stacked so that you can easily scroll through them. T
o exit the app or dismiss the message, press the Back button. If you miss a message or want to review past messages, they can be viewed from the main menu on Pebble Time by selecting Notifications.

You may be able to take action with some of your notifications (reply, open on phone, dismiss, etc.). If the notification is actionable, there will be a mark near the Select button. Press that and it will reveal what you'll be able to do directly from your watch. 

If you need help setting up your notifications, please see iOS Notifications or Android Notifications.

NOTE: On Android, Pebble only supports native SMS, Google Voice SMS and Google Talk notifications at this time.

With your permission, Pebble Time will sync to your calendar(s) and incorporate your appointments and events into your timeline to help you plan your day accordingly. Timeline syncs for approximately 48 hours (24 hours into the past and 24 hours into the future) of events, so you'll still be able to view them while disconnected. 
For more information about setting up your calendar on Pebble Time, please click here.

Your local weather is another way to personalize your Pebble Time and timeline. With your permission, Pebble Time will use your location (through GPS or you can specify a default city) to add weather forecasts to your timeline. You can choose whether to display the information in Fahrenheit, Celcius, or mixed.

For more information about setting up weather on Pebble Time, please click here.

Pebble Time's vibrating alarm provides a gentle, subtle way to be woken up or notified about the time. Alarms can be set directly on your watch to be used just once, only weekdays, only weekends, or to repeat everyday.

All of the features above are simply the features that come with your Pebble Time. However, with our open SDK and the addition of smartstraps, Pebble Time is capable of much, much more. Be sure to browse the Pebble appstore within the mobile app for other topics that interest you or discover some of our favorite partner apps here.
If you're a developer who would like to help expand Pebble Time's capabilities, please visit our Dev Portal.

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Battery Life


Pebble Time's battery should last up to 7 days, depending on the number of notifications received per day, type of apps used, and the use of the backlight and voice replies.

Pebble Time Steel has a larger battery than any previous Pebble model and can last up to 10 days on a single charge, depending on the same factors above.

On both versions of Pebble Time, the battery life indicator can be found at the bottom left corner of the Settings icon in Pebble's main menu. It will be expressed as a percentage. However, you will also receive a notification reminding you to charge your Pebble Time when your battery is at 20%, and again when it reaches 10%.

Some developers have decided to include a battery life indicator on their watchface, but it is not included by default, so some watchfaces will not have this feature.

The overall charge (as a percent) will also be displayed while connected to the charging cable.

If your battery is not lasting for more than 4 days, please make sure that you are charging your battery completely before reuse. Charging from a depleted state to a full battery should take approximately 3 hours. For more information, visit Battery Life Troubleshooting.

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