Workout App & HR Zones

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The following article is for watches with heart rate monitors, and doesn’t apply to Pebble Classic, Steel, Time, Time Steel or Time Round.

Note: if you haven’t set up Pebble Health yet, you’ll need to. Instructions can be found here.


Using the Workout App

Pebble’s Workout app allows you to measure your heart rate continuously while working out, and view stats about your workout.  Leave it open to see real-time stats, or it will continue monitoring your workout for 60 minutes after you exit the app, as long as you don’t stop or pause it.

Using the Workout app is simple:

  • Open your watch menu and scroll down to ‘Workout’
  • Clicking ‘...’ allows you to choose a Walk, Run, or Workout (other activities)
  • Start start monitoring your workout by clicking the ‘play’ symbol (Up button)
  • Your heart rate reading may take a moment to start--this is normal
  • Scroll through your workout statistics using the Down button ‘>>’

Important note: to avoid draining the battery, the Workout app will stop monitoring 60 minutes after you close it.  If you want to work out for longer, make sure to open it periodically or keep it open.

Workout Zones measure just how hard you’re working, and are divided into the following zones:

  • Fat burn: 50-74% of your heart rate reserve; for most people this starts around 130 bpm
  • Endurance: 75-84% of your heart rate reserve; where you train for those long jogs
  • Performance: 85-100% of your heart rate reserve; when you’re giving your workout every last bit of energy you have!
Heart rate reserve is the difference between your maximum heart rate and your resting heart rate. Your intensity is determined by what percentage of your heart rate reserve you’re using.

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