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The following article is for watches with heart rate monitors, and doesn’t apply to Pebble Classic, Steel, Time, Time Steel or Time Round.

Note: if you haven’t set up Pebble Health yet, you’ll need to. Instructions can be found here.



If you’re concerned your heart rate monitor has stopped operating properly there are a few things you can check very easily:

  1. Make sure Pebble Health is enabled.  Open the Pebble App and tap on the menu, then ‘Settings’, then tap ‘Pebble Health,’

  2. Make sure ‘Enable Pebble Health’ and ‘Enable Monitoring’ is toggled on under ‘Heart Rate’.

  3. Restart your watch.  Simultaneously hold the Back (left) and Select (right middle) buttons until ‘pebble’ appears on the screen.

  4. Make sure the monitor is working.  Turn on continuous monitoring by opening Pebble Health and pressing the Up button once, then look at the back of your watch.  Both sensors on the back should be green and flashing.

  5. Clean the sensor.  Using a damp cloth, rub the sensors with a circular motion.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren’t the lights blinking?

  • Unless you’ve turned on continuous monitoring or are exercising, your watch will only monitor your heart rate once every 10 minutes, so the sensors will be dark most of the time.  This allows monitoring with little to no battery impact.

Why doesn’t my watch (or graph) show my current heart rate?

  • Unless you have the Pebble Health heart rate card open, or are using the Workout app, your heart rate is monitored every 10 minutes, so some of your data may be outdated.  
  • Your watch will also discard a reading if its quality wasn’t within acceptable standards.  This gives you a more accurate overall reading, but may mean your watch shows that the last reading was more than 10 minutes ago.

Can I turn off the heart rate monitor and still monitor steps and sleep?

  • To do this, just open the Pebble app on your phone.  Tap the menu button in the upper right, then tap ‘Settings’.  Tap ‘Pebble Health’ and scroll down to ‘Heart Rate’ and toggle monitoring off.

Do I have to use the Workout app to monitor my heart rate continuously?

  • No. You can also click the Up button twice on your watch to open the heart rate card for Pebble Health, which will monitor your heart rate continuously until you close the card.  Some third party apps may also be used, though they may affect your battery life negatively.

Does it work/sync with other fitness devices?

  • Pebble’s heart rate monitoring doesn’t sync to other devices or services at this time.

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