Wearing HR watches

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The following article is for watches with heart rate monitors, and doesn’t apply to Pebble Classic, Steel, Time, Time Steel or Time Round.

Note: if you haven’t set up Pebble Health yet, you’ll need to. Instructions can be found here.


Wearing HR Watches

Getting the best results from your heart rate monitor starts with how you wear it.

For the most accurate heart rate measurement, your watch should be worn:

  • Two finger widths (3-4 cm) above your wrist bone
  • Snug, but not too tight
  • With no clothing between your skin and the back of the watch

During exercise, try moving your watch higher up on your forearm, so wrist movement doesn’t affect accuracy.

Depending on how snugly you wear the watch normally, you may want to consider tightening it slightly during exercise so it will stay put, but not enough to cause discomfort or obstruct blood flow.

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