Understanding Health Data Settings

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Enabling Health automatically allows us to collect data from your app, so we can help you use and organize. However, if you’d prefer, you can:
  • Turn off Health data collection.  Open your Pebble app and tap on the menu in the upper right corner, then on ‘Settings.’ Scroll down and make sure ‘Collect health data’ is not selected.
  • Turn off syncing with Apple Healthkit or Google Fit.  Pebble Health can sync with either option, but is not the default setting.  To make sure your data isn’t synced, open the Pebble App and tap on the Health app, then on ‘Settings.’  From there, you can toggle ‘Sync with…’ off.
  • Turning off Health data collection will keep the data on your phone and watch, but if you want, you can disable Pebble Health altogether. Just open the Pebble App, tap on the Settings (three dots) in the top right corner of the app, and uncheck the 'Collect health data' option under Privacy Settings.

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