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Terminology and Navigation
Launcher menu


Terminology and Navigation

Pebble smartwatches have four buttons.

The left button is called the 'Back' button, which is initially used to Power on your watch (press and hold it for 3 - 5 seconds), and subsequently used for returning to the previous screen or entering your watchface app from the main menu. The Back button is also assigned a default Quick Launch function; a long press (2 seconds) of the Back button will turn Quiet Time on and off. 

On the right side, the top and bottom ('Up' and 'Down') buttons generally are used for scrolling through lists. However, from your watchface, pressing the Up button will show Pebble Health summaries for your Activity and Sleep data. Pressing the Down button from your watchface will show your timeline.

The center button is used to 'Select' an item in a list or start an app on Pebble. It can also be used to get to the main menu from a watchface.

The Up, Select, and Down buttons may also be assigned a Quick Launch function for long (2 seconds) button presses. Click here for more information about Quick Launch.


Launcher menu

Press the Select button from your watchface to enter the main menu on your Pebble. If summary details are available for the app, they are displayed beneath the app title. For example, battery percentage is listed beneath Settings, artist and song titles are displayed under Music for active songs, and current local temperature is displayed under Weather.

See below for more details about what you can access from your Pebble's menu.

Customize your experience through Settings.
Toggle between Bluetooth and Airplane mode, filter and set the size for your Notifications, set custom Vibrations, turn Quiet Time on or off, set up your Timeline Quick View, assign apps for Quick Launch, set the Date & Time, customize the Display, view your Background Apps, and shut down or factory reset your watch from System.

Send Text
Initiate a text directly from your watch. Message your most recent or designated favorite contacts.


Your local weather is another way to personalize your Pebble. With your permission, Pebble will use your location (through GPS or you can specify a default city) to add weather forecasts to your watch. You can choose whether to display the information in Fahrenheit, Celcius, or mixed.

Select the Music controller from main menu to control music playing on your smartphone.
Once inside the app, if you press the Select button while the dot icon is showing, the ability to skip tracks using the up and down buttons will change to volume control.

Miss a notification? Want to take action against a previously received message? 
Review the notifications most recently received on your watch.


The vibrating alarm provides a gentle, subtle way to be woken up or notified about the time. Alarms and Smart Alarms can be set directly on your watch to be used just once, only weekdays, only weekends, or to repeat everyday.

Make a note to yourself so you don't forget your important tasks.
Reminders will prompt you call your sister on her birthday, pick up the milk after work, or book the meeting room when you get into the office tomorrow morning.


One of the best features about Pebble Time is the ability to choose a watchface that works best for you. Whether you prefer analog or digital, simply the time or as much information that you can get in a glance, our Pebble appstore has something to suit your style.
There is no limit to how many watchfaces you can store on your Pebble Time.

All of the features above are simply the features that come with your Pebble Time. However, with our open SDK, Pebble smartwatches are capable of much, much more. Be sure to browse the Pebble appstore within the mobile app for other topics that interest you.
If you're a developer who would like to help expand Pebble Time's capabilities, please visit our Dev Portal.

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