Sleep Tracking Frequently Asked Questions

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Why doesn’t my watch track sleep?
  • First, let’s confirm Pebble Health is set up by tapping the Up button on your watch.  If you see step and sleep tracking graphs, Health is set up.  You’ll also need to wear your watch to sleep to enable tracking.  If sleep still isn’t being tracked, please contact us from your app.
Why isn’t my sleep tracked any more?
  • If your sleep tracking has stopped, please reset your watch by simultaneously pressing and holding the Back and Select buttons until the ‘pebble’ logo appears.  If you continue having trouble, please contact us from your app.
Why doesn't the week data on my watch match my phone?
  • We don't yet have support for tracking sleep across multiple watches. Your phone does its best to aggregate the data, but sometimes the stats on your watch won't match the mobile app. Make sure you just use one watch for sleep and make sure it's connected to your phone every day.

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