Activity Tracking Frequently Asked Questions

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I just woke up--why does Health say I’ve burned calories?

  • Your body is always burning calories--it just burns them faster during a workout--so Health accounts for resting calorie burn to give you the best possible data.

What is typical? Why does it change?

  • ‘Typical’ is based on the data you’ve accumulated in Health, and shows you how your present performance compares to the past.  Health shows you your typical step count for a given day (i.e. ‘Typical Wednesday’), and your typical steps during the day (shown with a line on your watch graph, and in yellow on your Pebble app).

Why can’t I see a recently announced Health feature?

  • Please make sure your Pebble app is up to date by going to the App/Play store and checking for updates.  Then, in your Pebble app, tap the menu button in the upper right, then tap ‘Support.’  Find and tap the ‘Check for Updates’ button. If you’re still having trouble please contact Support from your app (instructions in Troubleshooting, above).

Why is the step graph full before the day is over?

  • Your graph may be fully shaded in before the day is over. Not to worry: your steps keep being counted (see the number below the graph), and the Typical line will adjust to reflect how far ahead of your normal pace you are.

Why didn’t my long walk/run get counted?

  • Health tracks long walks and runs of 10 minutes or more automatically.

Does it work/sync with other fitness devices?

  • Pebble’s fitness tracking can be synced to Google Fit or Apple HealthKit, but does not sync with other fitness devices.

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