Understanding Your Activity

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Pebble Health will track your steps as long as it’s been activated from the Pebble app. Health also calculates distance and an estimate of calories burned.  See below for more information on graphs on your watch, and in the Pebble App.

On your Pebble
View activity on your watch, tap the Up button to open Pebble Health.
  • The shaded portion of the graph and the number below show your current step count.
  • The line on the graph shows how many steps you typically have at that point in that day of the week.  
  • ‘Typical [Day]’ shows your average performance for a particular day, based on the data you’ve collected so far.
  • Click the Select button to see your current calories burned and distance, as well as step data for the past 7 days.
In the Pebble app
View activity in your Pebble app by tapping the heart icon, and finding the activity screen
  • Steps shows your step count for the day
  • Typical [day] shows your typical number of steps at that time of day
  • The green part of the graph shows your progress for the day
  • Darker green sections show long walks and runs
  • The yellow part of the graph shows your typical progress for that day of the week
  • Distance, calories, active time: how far you’ve walked/run, how many calories you’ve burned, and how long you’ve been active.

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