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Calendar sync comes as a default option with the Pebble mobile app, so there is no need to search or download anything to be able to use this feature.

Within the Pebble app, go to the apps section. Calendar will be listed at the top. It is the only watchapp that you cannot reorder within that list.

To set up your Calendars with Pebble Time, tap on the gear icon on the right side of the screen or the Settings option from the app details. It will pull up a list of the accounts on your phone that have calendars associated with them, and any sub-calendars within that account. To the right of the individual titles, there is a check-box option. 

Simply check any box beside a calendar that you would like to sync with your Pebble Time.
Conversely, make sure that the box remains unchecked for any calendars you would like to exclude.

If you do not see any accounts listed, but you do use a digital calendar, be sure to add that account to your smartphone so that our app can detect it. 
For help setting up calendars on your iOS device, please visit Apple Support.
For help setting up Google calendars on your phone or tablet, please visit Google Support

Once your calendars are set up, tap the "<CALENDAR" option in the top left to go back to the Apps / timeline page.
The last step to make sure that your events and appointments appear on your timeline is to make sure it has permissions to "Show pins". Tap Calendar to reveal more app details, and 
make sure that the switch is in the 'on' position, with the indicator on the right side and orange.

You're all set!
Your timeline will sync approximately 48 hours worth of events: 24 hours of the past, and 24 hours of the future. This means that your immediate timeline will remain accessible even if your Pebble Time becomes disconnected from your phone.

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