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How to check for updates
Update Failure

How to check for updates

Make sure that your Pebble app is up to date:

  • Visit the iTunes App Store and search for "Pebble smartwatch", or
  • Click on the link below.

Check for watch updates through your Pebble app:

  • Launch the Pebble mobile app. 
  • Tap the three dots in the upper right corner to reveal the main menu.
  • Tap Support.
  • The software versions of each device will be listed at the bottom, listed beside "App" and "Watch."
  • Tap the "Update Your Pebble" button.



Update Failure

If your update fails, please make sure the following is true before you try again:

  • You have wifi or data enabled to download an update to the Pebble app
  • Your Pebble is connected to your phone to search for and download a firmware update

If this does not work please try setting up the Pebble with your device from a clean slate:

  1. Start with a clean slate.

    • Force the app to close on iOS.

    • In settings, go into the Bluetooth menu to view your paired Bluetooth devices.

    • Forget any devices that are currently paired with your phone, including both Pebble connections (Pebble XXXX and Pebble-LE XXXX).
      Tap the information icon  to the right of the listed device and then tap "Forget this device".


    • Turn the Bluetooth settings to "OFF" on your phone

    • Reboot your iPhone.

    • Turn the Bluetooth setting to "ON" on your phone.

    • Turn off the Bluetooth settings on your Pebble.
      ​(Launcher -> Settings -> Bluetooth)

    • Reboot Pebble by simultaneously holding the Back and Select button for 10-seconds.

    • The reboot should automatically turn your Bluetooth on again, but please double check. Turn the Bluetooth on if it is not already. 
      (Launcher -> Settings -> Bluetooth)

  2. Launch the Pebble app .

  3. Make sure that Pebble is properly paired and connected with your device.
    For instructions, click here.

  4. Make sure that you are in an area that has a strong reception or wifi signal.

  5. Try the update again.

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