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How to check for updates
Update Failure

How to check for updates

Make sure that your Pebble app is up to date:

  • Visit the Google Play Store and search for "Pebble smartwatch", or
  • Click on the link below.

Check for watch updates through your Pebble app:

  • Launch the Pebble mobile app. 
  • Tap the three dots in the upper right corner to reveal the main menu.
  • Tap Support.
  • The software versions of each device will be listed at the bottom, listed beside "App" and "Watch."
  • ​Tap the "Check for Updates" button.

Update Failure

If your update fails, please make sure the following is true before you try again:

  • You have wifi or data enabled to download an update to the Pebble app
  • Your Pebble is connected to your phone to search for and download a firmware update

If this does not work please try setting up the Pebble with your device from a clean slate:

  1. Start with a clean slate.

    • Exit the app.

    • In settings, go into the Bluetooth menu to view your paired Bluetooth devices.

    • Forget any devices that are currently paired with your phone, including both Pebble connections (Pebble XXXX and Pebble-LE XXXX).

      Tap or hold the listed device name until your device gives you the option to "Unpair".

    • Turn the Bluetooth settings to "OFF" on your phone

    • Reboot your phone.

    • Turn the Bluetooth setting to "ON" on your phone.

    • Turn off the Bluetooth settings on your Pebble.
      ​(Launcher -> Settings -> Bluetooth)

    • Reboot Pebble by simultaneously holding the Back and Select button for 10-seconds.

    • The reboot should automatically turn your Bluetooth on again, but please double check. Turn the Bluetooth on if it is not already. 
      (Launcher -> Settings -> Bluetooth)

  2. Launch the Pebble app .

  3. Make sure that Pebble is properly paired and connected with your device For instructions click here).

  4. Make sure that you are in an area that has a strong reception or wifi signal.

  5. Try the update again. If it doesn't pop up automatically, you can trigger it from the Pebble Time mobile app. From the menu (three dots in the top right corner), select "Support", and then tap the "Update your Pebble" button to search for and download new firmware.

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