Error Codes 02, 03, 04

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This article focuses on Error Codes fe504502, fe504503, and fe504504.

These error code indicate issues which can often be resolved by restarting the watch from recovery mode.To resolve the issue, please follow these steps: 
  1. Your watch may already be in Recovery Mode (pictured on right); if not, please press and hold the back, up, and select buttons at the same time.
  2. Continue holding until your watch screen shows a screen similar to the one pictured here.
  3. Open the Settings menu on your phone
  4. Open Bluetooth under Settings and find any Pebble devices
  5. Tap the icon to the right of the Pebble device(s) and forget them
  6. Reopen your Pebble App and follow the prompts to reconnect your watch to your phone

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