Watchapps and Watchfaces Troubleshooting

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This page contains guides to managing and troubleshooting Pebble watch apps and faces. For a guide to adding apps, please click here.

Managing Pebble Apps and Watchfaces

Watch apps can be managed from the Pebble App on your smartphone: 
  • Change the order of apps on your watch by opening the Pebble app on your phone and finding the app screen.  Tap and hold on the app you want to move, then drag it to the spot you want.  Please note: the Calendar app (featuring the lock icon) cannot be moved, and does not appear in the app menu on your watch.
  • Adjust the settings of an app by opening the Pebble app on your phone and finding the app screen.  Tap on an app’s title to bring up a menu.  Apps with adjustable settings will have a ‘Settings’ link which, when tapped, allows you to customize the app. Note: not all apps have settings.
  • Remove an app by opening the Pebble app on your phone and finding the app screen.  Tap on the app’s name and then tap delete to remove the app from your watch and phone.  Note: System Apps are important to the function of your Pebble and cannot be deleted.

Trouble Adding Apps/ Watch faces
Because Pebble has three distinct types of watch displays (color, black and white, round) certain watch apps and faces available on one watch may not be available on others.

If you’ve found a watch app or face that fits your Pebble but you’re having trouble adding it, connection issues are often the cause. Please take the following steps to correct the issue:
  1. Close the Pebble app on your phone
  2. Switch your phone’s Internet source (e.g. from cellular data to WiFi)
  3. Reopen the Pebble app, enter the app store, and reattempt the download

If you’re still unable to download the specific watch app or face, please scroll to the bottom of its page in the Pebble app store.  Tap ‘Email Developer for Support’ to alert the developer of the issue.

Trouble with Third Party Apps
Apps and watchfaces from non-Pebble developers are great, but sometimes they experience problems.  

If you have trouble with an app--whether it’s a social media app or a fitness tracker--the quickest way to get it working again is to contact the developer of the app.  Please take the following steps to do so: 
  1. Open the Pebble app on your phone
  2. Tap on the app that’s not working properly
  3. When the menu opens, tap ‘Contact Developer’
Some developers will respond more quickly than others, and some may just fix the app without responding, but our community of developers is very responsive and helpful. 

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