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Battery Life Tips
Battery Life Problems
Charging / Not Turning On Problems


Battery Life Tips
Pebble smartwatches are designed for long battery life to avoid having to charge them every day.  Here are some tips to maximize your battery life: 
  • Avoid watch faces with constant movement. We know animated watchfaces are fun, but because they refresh constantly, they require much more power than faces which refresh only once a minute (may want to skip those with second hands!).
  • Know your watch apps. Apps are fantastic, but keep in mind that heavier use equals shorter battery life.  Games which require lots of button pushing and apps that keep the backlight or vibrating motor on for long periods can be fun and useful, but they do reduce battery life.
  • Settings are key. Your backlight takes plenty of power, so try adjusting the settings.  Open Settings on your watch and open Display, then try out different intensity (lower is better) and timeout (how long the backlight stays on for; lower is better) settings.  See what works best for you!
  • Settings again! Your watch automatically turns on the backlight when you shake it.  If you know you’ll be very active (running, juggling, whatever works for you) try turning off motion activated backlight temporarily: open Settings on your watch, then open Display and toggle Motion Enabled off.  Just don’t forget to turn it back on.
Your Pebble is designed to work well even without the steps above, but please try the steps above if you want the very best performance.

Battery Life Problems
If you’re getting lower than expected battery life, we’re happy to help.  Expected battery life for our watches is as follows (individual experience may vary by 1 day due to differences in personal use): 
  • Pebble Classic, Steel, Time, and Pebble 2: up to 7 days  
  • Pebble Time Steel: up to 10 days 
If you’re experiencing battery life of two or more days worse than the above, please take the following steps:
  1. Set your watchface to Tictoc
  2. Close any extra apps you’ve downloaded to use with your Pebble
  3. Press and hold the back and middle buttons simultaneously until ‘pebble’ appears
  4. Charge the watch overnight and use it normally for 1 day without any third-party apps
If the battery life improves under those conditions, it is likely an app that is causing the issue. Add them back one at a time to find the one that is using excess battery life. If it's available, be sure to adjust app settings to help extend the battery; view the tips section above for specifics. 

Charging/Not Turning On Problems
If your Pebble won’t charge reliably, or won’t turn on, please check the following: 
  • Try connecting the USB cable to different power sources
  • If you’ve got one, try using a different cable 
  • Reset the watch by holding the back and middle buttons simultaneously for 10-15 seconds

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