Allergy Concerns

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Pebble smartwatches are designed with maximum comfort and usability in mind, but use and individual characteristics can cause some discomfort.  Please keep the following in mind:

  • Wearing the strap too tightly may cause rash/discomfort
  • Wearing the watch in the same spot for too long can lead to a rash/discomfort.  We recommend moving the watch’s location on your wrist periodically to let your skin breathe.

Additionally, if you have any allergies please check the materials used in each watch type before purchasing or using:

  • Classic Pebble: plastic body with nickel-free screws, polyurethane strap with stainless steel (contains nickel) clasp
  • Classic Steel: stainless steel body and clasp (contains nickel)
  • Pebble Time: polycarbonate body, stainless steel bezel, clasp and strap pins (all contain nickel), silicone strap
  • Time Steel: Stainless steel body, clasp and strap pins (contain nickel), leather strap, optional stainless steel strap (contains nickel)
  • Time Round: stainless steel body, clasp and strap pins (contain nickel), leather band
  • Pebble 2: polycarbonate and glass fiber body, silicone strap with plastic clasp and stainless steel pins (contain nickel)

If you’d like to avoid contact with silicone or stainless steel, the following companies sell watch bands and accessories that may work for you: and

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