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What is the Pebble appstore?
The Pebble appstore is a quick and easy way to find Pebble apps and watchfaces right from the Pebble app on your iOS or Android device. You'll be able search for apps by categories including Daily, Remotes, Games, Notifications, Tools & Utilities, Sports & Fitness, and Watchfaces. Each category will feature highlights of the best rated apps, Pebble staff picks, and most recently added.

With our new 3.0 software, you'll be able to store and access dozens of watchfaces and apps directly on your Pebble Time. The number of apps it can hold will vary depending on their size and function. Any apps that cannot be immediately stored on your Pebble Time will automatically be added to the "My Pebble" section of the mobile app. Your smartwatch will begin at the top of each section of "My Pebble" (Watchfaces and Apps / Timeline) and store as many apps as it can until it cannot fit any more.

"My Pebble" is linked to your Pebble account (the email that you used to set up your mobile app). This means that your favorite apps will be ready for you on any device that you sign in to.

When you first log in, there will be several default apps that we have already provided: Calendar, Weather, Notifications, Music, Alarms, and Music. You will also have our default watchface called Enigma and any other watchface you chose during your initial app set up.

There are more details below about how to find and manage your Pebble Time watchfaces and apps below. As you add more to your account, they will appear at the top of the list in "My Pebble" so that they are loaded on to your smartwatch. 
To rearrange your your watchfaces or apps, in "My Pebble", press and hold the app for 1-2 seconds, then drag it to the preferred position. 

Once used, the apps are cached on your watch. This means that the apps you have recently used, your selected watchface, and apps that run in the background will be available to you even if you disconnect from your phone.

Similarly, our Timeline feature will sync for approximately 48 hours -- 24 hours into the past and 24 hours into the future -- so you can continue to access it if disconnected. For more information about Timeline, please click here.

Please note: some watchfaces or apps will require access to information or services provided by your phone, such as location data. If you did not grant permissions to these features during set up, any apps that are reliant on it may not function correctly.

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