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General Introduction

Pebble Time Round is the latest, lightest, and thinnest customizable watch from Pebble that conveniently and subtly delivers the information that you want directly to your wrist. As a special Kickstarter offer, we've expanded the collection to include new 20mm polished silver and polished gold styles.

These newest additions have all the same features and tech specs as the current line-up of Time Round watches. There are no hardware additions or distinct software features; the only differences between the models are the finish and special Kickstarter stamp. Time Round does not have a heart rate monitor.

Time Round is compatible with iPhones running iOS 8 or up and Android devices running OS 4.3 & up. It is scratch resistant, splash resistant, and has a battery life of up to 2 days.

Starting at just $199 on Kickstarter, the new Time Round styles (20mm polished silver and 20mm polished gold) are expected to begin shipping in September 2016.


Tech Specs
Time Round
Starting at $199
Screen Size 
1" diameter
Screen Material 
Flat Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Body Dimensions 
38.5 mm diameter
Body Material 
Stainless Steel (SS 316)
31.59 g
Display Color 
64-color e-paper display
7.5 mm
Battery Life 
Up to 2 days
Splash Resistance 
Heart Rate Monitor 
Pebble OS 
Pebble Timeline 
Step Tracking 
Sleep Tracking 
Heart Rate Tracking 
Band Size 
20mm with quick-release pin
Wrist size (Min) 
 Smallest setting fits 145mm wrist 
Charging Cable 
Time Series cable

The new Time Round styles exist on the same ecosystem as the Time-series watches and has all the same features.
  • Up to 2 days of battery life
  • Always on, always readable
  • Splash and scratch resistant
  • Timeline
    For more information about Pebble's timeline, please click here.
  • Pebble Health
    For more information about Pebble Health, please click here.
  • Discrete Notifications
  • 13,000 apps
  • Music Control
  • Alarms and Smart Alarms
  • Voice Input
  • 30-Day Money-back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions
Does it have a heart rate monitor?
  • No. The two new 20mm styles are exactly the same as the current line up; they simply have a different finish.
Does it have a speaker?
  • No - while Time Round does have a microphone, it does not have a speaker. It will not be able to play audio or sounds.
Will it have a Kickstarter stamp on the back?
  • Yes. The polished silver and polished gold watches offered through the Kickstarter campaign will have the special Kickstarter stamp on the back of the body.
What apps can it use?
  • Since we currently offer several styles of Time Round for purchase, the Pebble appstore is already full of compatible watchapps available for immediate download.
  • While connected to Time Round, the Pebble mobile app will automatically filter the appstore, as well as your Watchfaces and your App & Timeline list, so that only compatible apps are shown for selection

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