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Setting up the Happiness App
Please follow these simple instructions to set up the Pebble happiness app
  1. On your phone open this link to download the Happiness App. You can also go to the Pebble App Store and search Happiness App.
  1. Follow the prompts to add the app. You’ll need to allow the app access to Pebble Health data to add the app -- don’t worry, we won’t share your Health data others.
  2. Once the Happiness App’s been added, you’ll see a quick popup explaining how the app works.
  3. Scroll down and activate the app by tapping ‘Activate Pebble Happiness App’
  1. Now just customize your settings and tap ‘Done’
    • ‘Start Time’ is when your hourly mood surveys will start
    • ‘End Time’ is when your hourly mood surveys will stop for the day
    • ‘Daily Survey’ is a short survey once a day that asks you to reflect on your day
    • ‘Snooze’ allows you to set when you’d like to be reminded if you snooze the survey
  2. Once you’ve opted in, you’ll see the survey prompt on your watch:

Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting
The watch is telling me to opt in to the app, and I can’t take the survey
  • This means the Happiness App still needs to be set up.
    • Open the Pebble App on your phone
    • Find and tap the ‘Happiness App’ in the app section of the Pebble App
    • Tap ‘Settings’ and scroll down to ‘Activate Pebble Happiness App’ above ‘Hourly Survey’
    • Tap the app the slider to activate the app (the slider should turn orange
    • Follow step 5 above to customize your surveys
I can’t find the Happiness App to add it to my watch
  • The Happiness App requires Pebble Health to operate, so it’s available only to Time-series watches. If you have a Time, Time Steel or Time Round and still can’t find the app, please see step one above for a direct link to use from your phone. If you continue to experience trouble please let us know at support@pebble.com

I’m not getting many surveys/the surveys are coming at the wrong time
  • Your surveys will come once an hour, during customizable windows. Please make sure the surveys are set up to come when you want them, using the following steps:
    • Open the Pebble App on your phone
    • Find and tap the ‘Happiness App’ in the app section of the Pebble App
    • Tap ‘Settings’ and scroll down to ‘Activate Pebble Happiness App’ above ‘Hourly Survey’
    • Using ‘Start Time’ and ‘End Time’ set the range of time you’d like to receive surveys during

What happens to my data? Why does the App need access to Pebble Health?
  • The Happiness App is designed to help show you how your sleep, activity, location, and more impact your happiness. Allowing access to Pebble Health allows the app to do this, and don’t worry--Pebble won’t use or share your information for any purpose beyond this app (although we may use anonymous or aggregated data to improve the app and for other internal purposes).

Can I see my data on my watch only? I’d rather it not leave my phone.
  • The Happiness App is designed to collect data through your participation on your Pebble watch, but results will be shown via email only. If you’d rather not participate, please feel free to delete the app, but stay tuned for more Health news on blog.pebble.com

What happens after the week? Can I participate again?
  • Of course! You can re-enroll in the program as many times as you’d like. Just delete the Happiness App from the Apps tab of your Pebble phone app, and reinstall it using the original link. You should be good to go!

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