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So, you’ve backed our Kickstarter. Now what?

  • Stay Tuned!
    We’ll keep you up to date with regular posts about manufacturing progress, new features, and the general goings-on at Pebble through Kickstarter Updates. So make sure that your account is setup to receive notice when we post a new one:

    • Sign into Kickstarter.com and tap your avatar or “Me” in the top right corner
    • Choose “Notifications” from under the Settings option
    • Scroll down and make sure that our “Pebble” campaign has a checkmark beside it in the Account Notifications section

    This will make sure Kickstarter sends you an email whenever we have new information to share with you.

  • Mark Your Calendar
    Here are the important dates for the campaign:

    • July 2016 - Invitation to the Kickstarter Backer Portal
    • September 2016 - Time Round SE and Pebble 2 begin shipping
    • November 2016 - Time 2 begins shipping
    • January 2017 - Pebble Core begins shipping
  • Add emails to safe sender
    General information will be posted during Kickstarter Updates, but will need to reach out to you directly when it’s time to collect order details.

    • All official emails about your Pebble Kickstarter Pledge will come from kickstarter@pebble.com, so please take a moment to add it to your safe senders list.
    • We’re only provided with your email address at the end of the campaign. So when we need to reach out directly, we will be use the email address that is associated with your Kickstarter account on June 30th. We are not notified by Kickstarter if you update it after that, so please be sure to reach out to our Support Team (order@pebble.com) to let us know if that changes before you get into the Backer Portal.
  • Collect info
    We’ll invite backers to our Kickstarter Backer Portal in July to collect order details, including reward colors and shipping address.
    You’ll have complete control over your order details until they are queued for shipping. We will send a reminder out one week beforehand so that you can make any final updates before your account is locked.
    You will also be able to update your contact information (including email and shipping address) in between shipments if you pledged for a mixed tier.


  • Shipping
    We expect to begin shipping Time Round and Pebble 2 in September, Time 2 in November, and Pebble Core in January. Our goal is to get our backers their rewards as quickly as possible within the expected timeframe. With this goal in mind, we will not be following backer order for this campaign.
    You will receive a confirmation email with tracking number as soon as your order leaves the distribution center.

We will continue to update this page until all Kickstarter rewards have been shipped, so please bookmark it and check back if you have any questions about what to do next.

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