What's new about Time Round?

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Pebble Time Round is the thinnest and lightest smart watch ever made. It’s so light you may forget you’re wearing it, but Pebble Time Round won’t let you forget what’s important to you. It works on the same Pebble software so the smartwatch features such as timeline and voice replies can help you focus on what matters. The screen is always on for your reference and the display is infinitely customizable. And despite its petite size, Pebble Time Round is built to last, with scratch resistant Gorilla Glass, Stainless Steel and Genuine Leather bands.

So that's what has stayed the same.

Here is what's changed:

  • A round color screen
    The most obvious change from our previous versions is Pebble Time Round’s circular display. It is 1” in diameter and has the same 64-color palette as the rest of the Pebble Time collection.


  • Smaller band size, with options
    With Pebble Time Round, we’re offering two band width options so that you can pick the model that will compliment your wrist best.
    Silver and Black Pebble Time Round watches will be available in two different band sizes: 14mm or 20mm. Rose Gold will only be available with a 14mm band. 

    In either case, the band can easily be replaced by most standard (14mm or 20mm) watch bands wherever watch or watch accessories are sold. And our quick-release latches make changing your band even easier.
    If you are unsure what strap size you need, the width is noted at the bottom of the backside of your Pebble Time Round.


  • Battery Life
    Pebble Time Round’s battery lasts up to two days on a single charge. It is also fast charging so that you can get a full day’s worth of power available after charging for just 15 minutes. 


  • Splash Resistance
    Pebble Time Round is splash resistant but not waterproof. Incidental exposure to water–like unforeseeable rain–won’t ruin your device, but submerging the watch is not recommended.
    Please note: the leather band is not water resistant.

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