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The Uber app on Pebble gets you where you need to go right from your wrist. With the press of a button, you can request an Uber to your location, set a favorite destination, and watch your car arrive, all without taking out your phone.

You can find the app here in the Pebble appstore, where you can download it for free!

Setting up Uber on your Pebble should be quick and easy and have you calling Ubers right from your wrist in no time. If you have an Uber account, make sure you have the information accessible for the setup process. If you do not have an account, be prepared to create a new one.

  1. Logging in. To log into your Uber account on your Pebble, follow a few simple steps:

    • Open your Pebble App on your phone and navigate to My Pebble

    • Hit the gears icon to open the Uber app settings

    • Log into your existing Uber account or create a new one by clicking on the “sign up” button at the bottom

  1. Set favorite locations. You will then be directed to the configuration page for Uber, at which point you can enter in your favorite locations to be dropped off or picked up. After entering a name and address, hit “add location” to add the address to your favorites.

    *Be sure to hit save when you’re done. This is what completes the authentication process.

Calling a car
The best part about the Pebble Uber app is that you can call an uber right from your wrist. Once you open the Uber app on your watch the process is simple and shouldn’t take you more than a few button presses.

  1. Set your pickup location. The first screen you see is a map with a pin to indicate your current location as well as the address of that location. Whether or not that is your desired pickup spot, hit the middle button -- from there, you can either accept the current location and begin your car selection or you can choose one of your favorite locations for pickup.

  1. Choose your car. After choosing a pickup location, you can choose what type of Uber you would like to request. These include all of the Uber products in your area* along with the time to arrival of the closest car.

*Experimental or promotional products such as UberPool and UberFresh are not offered by Uber in this case

  1. Set destination. Once you have selected a car, you can press the center button to be prompted with your last set of actions. From there, you can either request the ride directly or you can input a destination in addition to requesting the ride by selecting ‘Get ride to...’ Once you’ve made a request, the app will process for a few moments and then successfully order you a ride! Note that if you exit the app at any time during the ‘requesting’ screen, your ride request will be canceled.

*If you have the Uber mobile app installed, you will likely receive notifications on your watch through your phone’s notification channels. These should be complementary to your Uber app experience and reflect the same ride information.

Quick ride
For the fastest way to call a ride, simply open the Uber app and press the middle button for several seconds (a ‘long press’). This will order you a ride to your current location, selecting whatever kind of car you took previously. Getting an Uber has never been faster.

Tracking your ride
Once you’ve requested your ride, you can track the driver’s progress right from your watch and know when to be ready to be picked up. There are two ways to track the ride:

  1. The map screen. After the ride is requested (which may take up to a minute), the app will display a map, similar to the one you saw at the beginning. However, this one will show you where your driver is in relation to your pickup location. You can also see critical information about your ride on the bottom of the screen and if you push the down button, you can see even more.

    At any time before arrival, you can cancel your ride by pressing the center button and selecting ‘cancel’.

  1. Your timeline future. While waiting for your ride to arrive, you can also see their estimated time of arrival right on your timeline. If you enter your future timeline (by pushing the bottom button from the watchface), you should see a pin for the Uber arrival. However, if your wait time is relatively short, the timeline may not sync in time to capture your upcoming ride.

After arrival
After getting picked up, you will see a car in motion, letting you know you’re good to go!

Once you get to your final destination, a pin will be placed in your timeline past so that you can quickly see when you took an Uber throughout your day. From that pin, you can reopen Uber and be on your way to wherever is next!

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