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Pebble Time vs Pebble Classic

Pebble Time is everything we love about the classic Pebble now, with a little something extra. Like it's predecessors, Pebble Time is rugged and water resistant (3ATM), platform agnostic, and has the same great battery life (up to a week on a single charge). 

In addition to physical features, we wanted to make sure to preserve the software features you love. Thus, we've made sure that the new software is backwards compatible for 2.0 apps. That means you can continue using the classic Pebble watchapps on Pebble Time.

So that's what has stayed the same.
Here is what's different:

  • A 64-color screen
    While Pebble Time still has a 1.25", e-paper screen, it now has color. With our new 64-color palette, we're able to make even better, more dynamic animations and displays for your notifications, watchfaces, and apps. 

  • Timeline
    Timeline is a whole new way to interact with your smartwatch. With the press of a button you can get the information you care about at a glance.
    While your watchface is displayed, you will be to view summarized appointments and events from the past (Up button), as well as the present and future (Down button). For more information about Pebble's timeline, please click here.

  • Menu navigation
    The basics are the same but the layout and aesthetics have changed. The navigation through Pebble Time is essentially the same as the classic Pebbles, but with improved animations and using the new color palette. 
    You will be able to access the main menu from the watchface and find your notifications, alarms, music control, and any other apps you've downloaded.

  • Voice reply and notes
    Pebble Time has a microphone located on the lower right side of your watch, just beneath the navigation buttons. You will now be able to reply to notifications (by sending audio files or having Pebble transcribe your message) or make quick notes by voice.
    This feature is immediately available for Android users, but will require a future update to unlock for anyone using iOS. 
    For more information about Voice, please click here.

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